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Toscano Interpretations is a reputable language interpretation and translation service provider specializing in various legal contexts. With a team of highly skilled professionals, they offer comprehensive language solutions, ensuring effective communication in legal settings. Their expertise encompasses a range of services tailored to meet the specific needs of clients.

Toscano Interpretations is dedicated to bridging language gaps in legal contexts, providing invaluable support to medical professionals, health care providers, educators, attorneys, clients, and legal professionals. With their expertise in simultaneous and consecutive interpretation techniques, proficiency in medical, education, criminal terminology, and precise document translation services, they ensure effective communication and understanding in various settings.


  • Traducciones Certificadas en Estados Unidos

    Traducciones Certificadas en Estados Unidos

    Las traducciones certificadas son un tipo especial de traducción utilizada en Estados Unidos para diversos propósitos legales. En este artículo, vamos a explorar qué son exactamente estas traducciones certificadas y su importancia en situaciones como inmigración, trámites legales y educación en otros países. ¿Qué es una traducción certificada? Una traducción certificada es una traducción que…

  • Spanish Translation vs Spanish Interpretation

    Spanish Translation vs Spanish Interpretation

    There exists a widespread misunderstanding regarding the roles of translators and interpreters, despite their notable differences. A fundamental distinction lies in their tasks: a translator works on translating written materials such as documents, transcripts, and books, while an interpreter conveys spoken messages into another language. Specifically, a Spanish interpreter can perform either simultaneous or consecutive…

  • Taking the oral portion of the FCICE?

    Taking the oral portion of the FCICE?

    The FCICE (Federal Court Interpreter Certification Exam) typically consists of five main parts that assess various skills and abilities required for court interpretation: Written Exam This section assesses the candidate’s language proficiency, including vocabulary, grammar, syntax, and comprehension in both English and the target language. It might include multiple-choice questions, translation exercises, or essay writing….