Translation For Welfare Assistance, WIC and Social Services

Spanish Interpreting For Non-English Spoken People

At Toscano Interpretations, we help community-focused organizations by making communication easier. Our team of language experts provides crucial language services for groups like social services, WIC, and welfare assistance programs. Clear communication between these organizations and their clients is super important. Sometimes, people who need these services speak languages other than English or might not speak English well. This can make it hard for them to get the help they need.

That’s where we come in! We help bridge this gap by accurately translating documents like forms and legal papers. Our team ensures that these translations keep the original meaning and are sensitive to different cultures.

We also offer both in-person and remote interpretation services (over video or phone) so that everyone can talk to service providers comfortably. Our interpreters are skilled at making sure everyone’s needs and messages get across accurately. By providing these language services, we help these organizations make sure everyone in the community can access their support. We believe everyone should get the help they need, no matter what language they speak.

Our services cover a wide range of needs, from translating important documents to helping during appointments and community events. We’re here to support these organizations in reaching everyone they serve.If your organization needs help with language services, get in touch! We’re dedicated to making sure everyone has equal access to services, and we’re here to support you in that mission.

Ten ways that WIC, services, welfare assistance, and alike organizations use language services

  1. Translating Forms and Applications: Making sure forms and applications are in different languages so that everyone can understand and use the services.
  2. Helping in Conversations: Assisting in appointments and meetings by interpreting languages to help people talk and understand each other.
  3. Translating Learning Materials: Changing educational materials into different languages so that everyone can learn about programs like nutrition or parenting.
  4. Spreading Information: Providing language help during community events to make sure everyone knows about available services.
  5. Supporting Case Managers: Helping case managers communicate with clients who speak different languages, even over the phone or through letters.
  6. Dealing with Legal Stuff: Translating legal documents like court orders, so people who don’t speak English can know their rights and duties.
  7. Home Visits Help: Assisting with on-site language help during home visits for services like early intervention programs or healthcare at home.
  8. Research and Surveys: Translating surveys and doing interviews in different languages to gather information from everyone.
  9. Emergency Support: Giving language aid during emergencies, like natural disasters, so everyone gets important information and help.
  10. Meeting Legal Rules: Helping organizations follow the law about language access, like Title VI of the Civil Rights Act or the Americans with Disabilities Act.

About Toscano Interpretations

Toscano Interpretations values diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace. With a decade of experience, our team offers top-notch linguistic and cultural interpretation services. We specialize in spoken translation, document translation, and non-emergency medical transportation.

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